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    Just a quick note to let you know I will be leaving the site. I appreciate all the encouragement you have given me and I am so thankful you convince me to hang in here, it finally paid off! I met my lifelong partner a few months ago. As usual I was very skeptical at first, due to all of the fakes I had come in contact with, but thank gawd, I proceeded cautiously with eyes wide open, as you suggested. I had my first date with Jack 5 months ago and for the most part we have been together ever since. My faith has been renewed, TRUE LOVE can be found on here. Your patience, understanding and encouragement led me down a path I would not have gone and I thank you for that. Jack thanks you too (I think). Keep up the good work here. I know you must pull your hair out most days dealing with members such as myself, but please know how much your help is appreciated. Hugs to you and I hope MM knows they made a wise decision when they made you counselor for the site.
    CONGRATS CONGRATS!! I am so happy to hear this wonderful news. Thank you for all the compliments. It is always nice to hear that I have been able to ... For detail, click here

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