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  • author ( 31, woman | Beverly Hills, CA, USA )

    Any place with ambience and being able to talk and get to know each other. Visiting any restaurants or things you love ,I always love to explore new places with friends.

  • author ( 35, woman | Christiana, PA, USA )

    I would love to walk around King of Prussia mall and try some of the delicious crepe and sweet shops they have available.

  • author ( 38, woman | Santa Barbara, CA, USA )

    I will teach you how to bake and make funny shapes of cookies. We will have so much fun talking to each other that we forget about those cookies in the oven. Then we will end up with Ben & Jerry ice c...  see more >>

  • author ( 31, woman | New York, NY, USA )

    I rather eat cake or candy than eating regular food which is not healthy but, I'm trying to Okay, lets have pizza!

  • author ( 43, woman | Atlanta, GA, USA )

    Yes, I am addicted to Cold Stone Ice Cream. So a nice outing over ice cream would be great. A dinner date or brunch would be great also.

  • author ( 34, man | Fletcher, NC, USA )

    we just need to do something out of our comfort zone and just have fun. have an open mind and just go for it. so for me what we do the options are endless and just go for what ever sounds interesting...  see more >>

  • author ( 42, woman | Abbeville, AL, USA ) new to this online dating...not here to have fun or play head if you are here for that..please dont write to a honest caring understanding faithful looking for that...  see more >>

  • author ( 37, man | Italy )

    wooo my first date was sweet & fun well my first date was undiscribable i believe my first date make a change in my life

  • author ( 55, woman | Mobile, AL, USA )

    Perfer to talk it over and decide together. Would perfer for both of us to be comfortable and able to get to know each other

  • author ( 36, man | Australia )

    Im keen take you perth or fremantle unless you got other ideas which could be fun ice cream drinks beach

  • author ( 42, man | India )

    simple meet want to know about each other silent place want to enjoy that date and make it memorable for whole life

  • author ( 38, man | Netherlands )

    Keep it simple, drink or eat something.Find out together how to make your day because it is all about you girl..xxxx

  • author ( 36, woman | Henderson, CO, USA )

    Something easy, not to stressful. Go for ice cream or coffee. See if we like each other, if we do then make plans for something a little more fun.

  • author ( 32, woman | Philippines )

    I want something very memorable. Something sweet. A moment that I will cherish and never will forget. Something like I will treasure for the rest of my life and will forever in my heart.

  • author ( 45, woman | Westfield, MA, USA )

    We raid some absolutely ridiculously wonderful candy shop for all they got then eat it on the hood of the car while going over the mysteries of life/tell secrets of our own/reveal emabrassing childhoo...  see more >>

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